Classes in Afro-diasporic applied knowledges
by niv Acosta and Fannie Sosa

We are sorry to let you know that the workshop series Dada is black, duh! did not take place.
The artists and curatorial team ended their collaboration.

Dada is black, duh! Join us for a critical reading of dada retracing its Black & Afro-diasporic influences, intersections and insurrections. What ignited some social and artistic movements between 1918-1926, beyond the extensively documented white-European contribution? Who are the forgotten voices, faces and bodies of such a relevant period for dance and movement? Using embodied methodologies, niv Acosta and Fannie Sosa will unpack various aspects of interwar Black insurrection, and formulate why this rich cultural material goes widely unacknowledged in the European canons of movement and dance history.

Free’M Technique is a somatic practice aimed at educators, activists, artists and community builders who are interested in deepening their relationship to their core and centering pleasure in their practice. Based on Afro-diasporic applied knowledges, we will use playfulness and consent as tools to negotiate reparations. A deep core awakening practice based in afro-somatic pleasurable methodologies, the workshop centers the experiences of those who are existing/thriving in the margins.

Consent Improv is improvisation using consensual methodologies. These classes will be accompanied by live musical accompaniment.The idea that everyone is equal in a contact improv jam is a myth. This space offers the opportunity to work with a hands on/body centered tasks of spacial redistribution.

niv Acosta is a multi-media artist & activist from New York City. Being transgender, queer, and black-dominican has inspired his community based work. niv’s written work is featured in Performance Journal, VICE, Brooklyn Magazine, Apogee Journal, BOMB Magazine. niv’s performance works have debuted at Matadero Madrid, Tate Modern, Tanz Im August & Kunst-Werke Institut, MOMA PS1 and others. niv has collaborated with Alicia Keys, Dr. Fannie Sosa, BEARCAT, Lyle Ashton-Harris & Ralph Lemon.

Fannie Sosa is an internationally applauded Afro latinx interdisciplinary artist, scholar and activist. Sosa’s work focuses in developing pleasurable methodologies using vibrational & sonic therapy, movement practices to liberate the core and transformational social justice centered publications. Sosa’s current artistic projects include Black Power Naps, Pleasure is Power, Consent Improvisation and Platonic Play Parties. Through her social justice work, Sosa provides professional development trainings and consultancy.