The project fake or feint, curated by Joerg Franzbecker and Martin Beck, deals with art that questions social norms and boundaries as manifested on the surface of the body, architecture and in media images. Surfaces and constructions that create the possibility for making marginalized groups and individuals more visible, receive particular attention. The catalogue presents a documentation of the five sequential exhibition scenarios and a narrative part including reproduced texts and text collages.

Artists: Kaucyila Brooke, Claude Cahun, Daniela Comani, Keren Cytter, e-Xplo with Jaime Lutzo, Amy Granat, Tom Holert, Heiko Karn, Daniel Knorr, Annja Krautgasser, Katrin Mayer, Eran Schaerf, Eske Schlüters/ Axel Gaertner, Sofie Thorsen/Katharina Lampert.

Contributors: Joerg Franzbecker, Adrian Bremenkamp, Martin Beck

Publisher: argobooks
144 pages
17cm × 23cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9783941560383
17,50 €